Pre-clinical Study

We help medical device manufacturers test and verify their product performance in light of the expected functions. Efficacy and system safety studies are the most essential part of Harborside's pre-clinical study services. Such studies are conducted for the selection of technical paths and the provision of understanding of the performance in specific clinical applications. Our expert team can provide a variety of in vivo models and analytical tools for the acquisition of data in support of the application of a medical device in specific fields and scenarios. Our past experience covers the following fields and device types:


Cardio-, neuro- and peripheral vascular implantable/interventional devices

Stents, balloon-catheters, suction catheters, valve prosthesis, coils, intravascular ultrasound diagnostics and therapeutics, brain–machine interfaces, AI, cardiac electrophysiological equipment and consumables (3-D navigation, RF, microwave, cryoablation, pulse electric field ablation), tumor interventional embolization products,  intervention on malignancy, etc.


Surgical, ophthalmic equipment and consumables

Energy based devices andconsumables, minimally invasive surgical instruments, endoscopes and endoscopic therapy products, hernial and dural  substitutes, hemostatic materials, biological dressing, surgical robots (abdorminal, vascular intervention, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pulmonary navigation, paracentesis, etc), artificial cornea, aqueous humor drainage devices, etc.


Orthopedics and sports medicine

New material fixation systems, articular balloons, spinal implants, artificial ligaments, materials for bone repair, navigation robot systems.


Drug-device integration products

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