Harborside has, since its acquisition of NAMSA Shanghai Laboratory in 2020, made additional investment for phase II laboratory expansion and equipment upgrading. It has built an experiment platform covering a floorage of more than 5000m2 and equipped with 100% fresh air HVAC system. Its facilities include 7 multi-function operating rooms, imaging center, laboratory animal housing facility, prosectorium, sterilization room, postanesthesia care unit, histopathology laboratory, clinical pathology laboratory, and GLP-compliant archives.


A wide variety of laboratory animals are available at Harborside for establishing animal models according to the types and application scopes of clients’ medical devices, including white pig, mini-pig, Beagle, Labrador, New Zealand rabbit, sheep and goat. Harborside laboratory now employs more than 30 technicians and has built a complete organizational structure covering Science Experiment Division, Project Research Division, Quality Assurance Division, Facilities Operation Division, and IACUC. Moreover, Harborside has engaged many senior multi-national medical device experts (expertise with product development, V&V and  regulatory affairs) as its consultants. Its extensive collaborative clinician resources can ensure guaranteed regulatory and scientific compliance.


Harborside provides practicable and reliable solutions to pre-clinical studies of medical devices on a solid basis of its experienced technical forces, instruments and facilities, personnel training, operation management, and quality assurance, and by virtue of its professional operation team, first-class advanced equipment, and rich project experience.


A company dedicated to the development and registration of medical devices in and outside China

A contributor to the scientific development of the medical device industry in China


To provide practicable and reliable solutions to pre-clinical studies of medical devices by virtue of Harborside’s professional operation team, reliable state-of-art equipment, and rich project experience

With professional field team, reliable, first-class equipment, rich experience in project to provide feasible and reliable medical devices before clinical research solutions


10000 +

Surgeries completed (continuously updated)

400 +

Applications submitted

92 %

Repatronage rate of clients

95 %

On-budget punctual completion rate

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Harborside laboratory is equipped with numerous state of the art medical equipment of first-line brands including Siemens DSA, 128-slice helical CT, Philips full-probe color Doppler echocardiograph, Boston Scientific Polaris endo-luminal ultasound, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic Valleylab ForceTriad™ energy platform; it is capable of cardio-/ neuro-/ peripheral vascular implantations, intracavitary interventional procedures, orthopaedic and sports medical implantations, conventional surgical and microsurgical and minimally invasive surgical procedures, as well as validation study of and clinical training on surgical robotic systems.

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Equipped with Siemens large DSA, 128 slice spiral CT, Philips full probe flagship color ultrasound, Polaris cavity ultrasound, Johnson & Johnson Aixkang and Medtronic Willy energy platform and other first-line brands of State of Art medical equipment; Have the ability to complete heart, brain, peripheral vascular implantation, endovascular interventional therapy, orthopedics and sports medicine implantation research, traditional and micro, minimally invasive surgical conditions, including surgical robot system verification research and clinical training.


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